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Voltage stabilizers and variac transformers: cooperation with brand SUNTEK

Wholesale supply

We, at Electrosheriff company, understand the value of long-term partnerships. As manufacturers of variac transformers and voltage stabilizers, we're driven by a single aspiration: to be the best supplier you can rely on.

What's the secret sauce of global brands? While answers may vary, one thread is undeniable: they're relentless workers. They obsess over service, orchestrate seamless experiences from production to purchase, and stay accessible even after the sale. It's the behavior of leaders, the mark of true excellence.

Do you resonate with this philosophy? Do you strive to foster goodwill and build bridges through your products? If so, then we wholeheartedly say – welcome to the team! Together, we can build something truly exceptional.

Here are some ideas on how we can collaborate:

1. Joint brand promotion

We will support you with advertising and promotion if you add SUNTEK to your resource. We will advertise and post a link, we will send local clients to your office. We can work together to increase brand SUNTEK awareness using your resources and communication channels.

2. Joint development of products

We can use knowledge and technology to develop new products that will meet your customers' needs. For example, we can develop new models of voltage stabilizers or variac transformers with functions or characteristics. And create especially for you popular models in your market or models with special features (non-standard voltage, special sockets, etc.)

3. Collaborative customer service

We can cooperate in providing high quality customer service. For example, we may work together to answer customer questions, provide technical support, or resolve questions.

4. Exclusive conditions

We may offer you exclusive terms, such as the right to sell our products in a certain region or city. This will allow you to increase your market share and improve your customer relationships.

The specific type of cooperation will depend on your specific needs and capabilities. I would be happy to discuss these issues with you in more detail so that we can develop a plan that is most beneficial to both parties.

Here are some additional questions that may be useful for discussion:

In which region or city would you like to sell our products?
What market share do you plan to gain during the first year of cooperation?
What marketing channels do you plan to use to promote our products?

We look forward to your response!

Why should you pay attention to us?

We have a number of advantages, using which you can reach the heights in your market.

  1. We make only such a product that we would have bought ourselves! The quality of the product is given a lot of attention, warranty claim percentage not more 0,1%. We control every single case of appeal. All products are numbered, have individual warranty seals. We always know what product when it was produced.
  2. We use only modern technology. We control the trends of world markets and are developers ourselves. The achievements of science and the most advanced developments we use in our equipment.
  3. Contracts with the world's leading carriers allow you to quickly deliver products to anywhere in the world. This is an important advantage. When competitors have goods for 20 days, we will arrange delivery for 4-5 days for the same price! Expeditious replenishment of partners' warehouses allows keeping large free amount in the turnover of partner companies. Average delivery time 2-4 days.
  4. We do not sell goods! We sell - the system! Our partners receive comprehensive support, which means that the advantage is already at the very first stages of sales, when they are beginning to actively acquaint buyers. You do not receive goods, you receive a solution for business.

For example, it might look like this:

a) goods for sale with competitive prices

b) a set of spare parts to address warranty and non-warranty issues. Training your service engineer.

c) advertising catalogs (we can make them in your language or in English)

d) leaflets for product promotion in stores

e) training your sellers of the technical characteristics of the equipment, joint analysis of competitors and identifying the main advantages

f) training your sales technicians, the customer persuasion technique

g) advertise you as partners in all of our online resources, international exhibitions, magazines, etc., fixing customer requests to us and redirecting them to you.

h) full provision of your Internet-site with the necessary videos, photos and description of the goods.

i) operational, continuous delivery of goods

j) joint participation in your advertising budget (up to 50% of the price)

l) want to engage in the installation of equipment - and we will teach you that!

How do you like this offer? Believe me, your future partners will not have a single doubt to start working, and your competitors will appreciate you as a serious player. And so it is!

Send your wishes for cooperation, we always consider all options. Every day of cooperation can bring you additional income, your request is not postponed, send it today!