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Is 2.6% of the TV price a lot or a little?

Do you like real adventures when you turn on the TV? Then you probably have a crazy device like the SAMSUNG 77 Inch OLED S95D 4K Tizen OS Smart TV at home! The price of such a magical TV ranges from 3500-4000 USD. And it's worth it!

Modern LED TVs, like your 77-inch Samsung S95D, are complex electronic devices that are sensitive to voltage fluctuations. Power surges, sags and other fluctuations can negatively affect the operation of the TV, shortening its lifespan or even causing breakdowns.

A voltage stabilizer is a device designed to protect electronic devices connected to it from such problems. It acts as a buffer, absorbing voltage surges and providing a stable output voltage that is optimal for the operation of your LED TV.

Here are some of the key ways a voltage regulator protects your LED TV:

1. Surge protection:

Voltage surges are short-term sharp increases in voltage in the network. They can be caused by lightning strikes, electrical switching operations, or network overload. Voltage surges can cause electronic components in the TV to burn out, causing it to malfunction completely. A voltage stabilizer can absorb power surges, thereby protecting the delicate circuitry of the TV.

2. Protection against voltage sags:

Voltage sags are short-term decreases in network voltage. They can be caused by network congestion, power plant faults, or building wiring problems. Voltage sags can lead to unstable operation of the TV, flickering of the image or its complete shutdown. The voltage stabilizer is capable of maintaining a stable output voltage even during network dips, ensuring uninterrupted operation of your TV.

3. Electromagnetic Interference Protection:

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is unwanted signals that can be caused by other electronic devices or wiring problems. EMI may cause interference in the TV picture, noise, or other problems with TV operation. A voltage regulator can filter out EMI, providing a cleaner, clearer picture on your TV.

4. Reduced heat generation:

Voltage fluctuations can lead to overheating of the TV's electronic components. The voltage stabilizer provides stable power, which reduces the heat generation of components and increases their service life.

5. Protection against long-term voltage surges:

Long-term voltage surges are situations where the voltage in the network remains high or low for a long time. Such fluctuations can negatively affect the operation of the TV's electronic components, shortening its service life. The SUNTEK voltage stabilizer is capable of maintaining a stable output voltage even during long power outages, thereby protecting your TV.

Which voltage stabilizer SUNTEK is suitable for your TV: 77-inch Samsung S95D. Read the instructions: maximum consumption 600W. Operating voltage is 220V (by the way, for the American market it can also operate on 110V). So, we have a highly demanding device! In this case, the SUNTEK company can offer an excellent option - the SUNTEK 1000VA servomotor voltage stabilizer with a stabilization accuracy of 3%. The price of this stabilizer is 94 USD, which is 2.6% of the cost of the TV! Whether this is a lot or a little is up to you to judge.

Servomotor voltage stabilizer SUNTEK 1000 VA EM

Make your choice wisely with us!

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