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Set of three servomotor voltage stabilizers SUNTEK 11000 VA EM

A set of three single-phase voltage stabilizers for installation in a three-phase network.

Regular Price:

$ 994

Old Price:

$ 1104


Rated power, VA

33000 (3*11000)

Maximum current (in one phase), A


Input voltage range (in one phase), V

120 - 285

Output voltage range (in one phase), V

220+/- 3%

Stabilization type


Accuracy output voltage,%



smooth, automatic

Distortion sine wave


Operating range t ° C

-5 - +50



Network Connection Method

terminal block



Protection against short circuit


Lightning protection


Dimensions (one stabilizer), cm


Weight, kg


An original offer for those who want to optimally protect their equipment and at the same time save their finances. Such a kit will allow you to put protection on every important device or you can use it in a three-phase network.

Installing a voltage stabilizer for each phase (in the absence of a three-phase load in a three-phase network) will avoid the situation of voltage loss in all three phases (as opposed to using a three-phase stabilizer).

An LCD display with a bluish tint gives the stabilizer an original and rather pretty look. Under the board there is a button to call the display on the board of the input voltage (to do this, click on it and hold, after you release the button, the output voltage value will reappear on the board). To the right of the board are LEDs that indicate the state of the output voltage - high, low, network.

Installation voltage stabilazer in a three-phase network for each phase will provide 33 kVA of power, and thereby eliminate the possibility of complete loss of the network. When connecting a three-phase load (machines, motors, etc.), it is enough to additionally install a phase control relay.


Distinctive features:

High stabilization accuracy (in the working range of 3%) 
Universal metal case (mounted and floor)
New Holtek Microcontroller
Holds full power from 140 volts
LCD display
Wide operating range (120-285 volts)
Adds Voltage 25 Volts Per Second
Automatic delay
Analysis of the input voltage at any time
Analysis of the boundaries of the working range
Short circuit protection
Overload protection (overheating)
Undervoltage protection
Overvoltage protection
Protection against impulse (lightning) discharges
Effective smoothing of impulse noise in the network

Dimensions of one stabilizer:

Length X Width X Height - 44x29x17 sm
Weight - 27 kg



The connection of SUNTEK single-phase stabilizers to the three-phase network is carried out strictly according to the scheme.


It is important to know when installing SUNTEK single-phase voltage stabilizers in a three-phase network:

It is impossible to connect single-phase voltage stabilizers to a three-phase network if there is a three-phase load powered by 380 volts and there is no protective disconnection device (phase lock device). If three-phase devices will not be connected to the network, then the installation of single-phase stabilizers is quite possible.

When choosing a nominal value, it should be understood that if a three-phase voltage is supplied to you, for example, 15,000 VA, respectively, it is 5000VA for each phase. 

The type of stabilizers should be chosen based on the characteristics of the network and your preferences. The electromechanical stabilizers included in the kit perform a smooth voltage adjustment, thereby almost completely eliminating light pulses noticeable to the eye.



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