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Loss of neutral protection SUNTEK 60A

LOSS OF NEUTRAL PROTECTION 60А – automatic shutdown system voltage at the high voltage. Protection loss of neutral. It is used to protect electrical equipment, household, industrial and office equipment from accidents in the power grid.

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Over Voltage Protection for Whole Buildings, Air Conditioners, Freezers, Fridges & Coolers

Protection against:
loss of neutral
High voltage: you can set any voltage.

Ideal for:
Air conditioners
Large fridge/freezers
Whole office
Complete circuits
House & Warehouse
Max power: 60 amps

Effects of Loss of Neutral
In the event of loss of neutral, the single-phase voltage will rise to the three-phase level subjecting your equipment to more 400V instead of 230V. This results in over voltage and can be catastrophic for your appliance. Any electronic appliance connected to the wiring will most likely be damaged due to overheating.

If there are problems with the neutral line, electricity may travel through a different path. This may be via water pipes, stoves and metal taps or any other conductor of electricity. This can be very dangerous, and you may suffer a serious electric shock if you touch something where electricity is present.

This device is protective against neutral conductor and high voltage burnout. Overvoltage is mainly due to the breakage of the neutral conductors , when the supply voltage is divided unevenly between consumers or due to errors of the personnel serving the electrical network.Loss of neutral occurs: when the electrical network is overloaded (each year the load on the network increases); under adverse weather conditions, where food is made by an air line (wind, fallen tree); during short circuits in the electrical network; with poor contact at the junction of the neutral conductors; when stealing non-ferrous metal (wires); with the old dilapidated wiring in the house network.

We recommend installing Protection loss of neutral in front of voltage stabilizer. After all, at high voltage, for exemple 285 Volts, the voltage regulator disconnects the entire load from the power supply, but remains itself under high voltage in anticipation of a lower voltage in the network. You can synchronize the work of Protection loss of neutral and voltage regulator by yourself. As you can see in the photo, this device has a special setting that allows you to adjust the upper limit of the voltage cutoff.

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